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Fun to Cook "World's Best Food"

Runtime: 0:03:34
Country: United States
Language: English, Other
Year: 2018

Fun to Cook “World’s Best Food” is an experimental film that explores extraterrestrial cuisine. It investigates qualities of Otherness in relation with how humans connect with food. Cooking is not only a method of survival but it contains and reveals mankind’s identity through culture and history. The film uses various techniques such as, mold casting, compositing, live action, and 3D animation.

Filmmaker Bio - Dongjun Kim

Donjun Kim is a VFX Artist, filmmaker, & media artist based in California. His independent films have been introduced and awarded at numerous international film festivals including Animafest Zagreb, Milano Film Festival, Athen Animfest, Oxford Film Festival, Spark Animation, After Hour Film Society, and more.  After receiving his BFA from Fine Art Department at Hongik University and MFA Computer Arts from School of Visual Arts in NYC, he is working at VFX/animation studio, Sturdy Bird, as a visual effect artist to participate in Nickelodeon’s TV shows( Cousins for Life, Knight Squad, All That) and Netflix original series (The Ranch and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia).

Directed By Dongjun Kim

John Baxter - Film Score
Melyssa Proctor - Alien Voice
Dongjun Kim - Cinematographer
Melyssa Proctor - Sound Design
Daesick Choi, Kiyoung Hwang - Character Animation
Dongjun Kim - Rigging/3D Animation
Yuri Byun - Space Modeling Assistant
Chun Yao Chang - Texturing Assistant
Kyungjin Kim, Allans Farfan Cardenas - Production Assistant
Dongjun Kim - Compositing
Jinso An, Daniel Murray - Story Consultation
Terrence Masson - Thesis Group Leader
John Mattiuzzi - Thesis Advisor
Trilby Schreiber - Writing Advisor

Runtime: 0:03:34
Country: United States
Language: English, Other
Country of Filming: United States
Student Project: Yes
Completion Date: 5/31/2018
Year: 2018
First-time Filmmaker: No