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Runtime: 0:13:20
Country: France
Language: French
Year: 2018

A young woman and her dying father struggle to survive on a devastated island destroyed by poisonous seaweed that they are now forced to collect for an evil mega corporation called Sunryse...

Filmmaker Bio - Philippe Lugsor

At the age of 17, with a High School degree in cinema, Philippe Lugsor is a young Caribbean who has worked as a cameraman and an editor at LUMINA TV before joining the Youth workshop Passeurs d'Image 2018, where he now has the opportunity to learn and put into practice his knowledge with a first short film entitled "Inexorable" and filmed with a team of 30 young art lovers.

Directed By Philippe Lugsor

Vanessa Privat
Patrick Hierso
Youtika Reschid
Laury Grandville
Laura Bucher

Jeunes de Passeurs d'Image 2018 - Writer
Chantal Sacarabany-Perro - Producer

First-time Filmmaker: Yes

Runtime: 0:13:20
Country: France
Language: French
Country of Filming: Martinique
Student Project: Yes
Completion Date: 11/28/2018
Year: 2018