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Super Science Friends - The Magnificent Episode Seven

Runtime: 0:24:54
Country: Canada
Language: English
Year: 2020

Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls! The Super Science Friends are back, and this time they've been rendered powerless at the hands of their greatest nemesis! Except they weren't really aware he even existed until today.

Filmmaker Bio - Brett Jubinville

Brett Jubinville, Co-Founder, Tinman Creative Studios Brett Jubinville is the Co-Owner of Skyship Entertainment, a digital-first production and distribution company, and Co-Founder of Tinman Creative Studios. Brett has been in the animation industry for over a decade. The hats he's worn in that time include: Lead Character Designer (The Future is Wild), Animation Director (Dirtgirlworld), Production Designer (Pig Tale), Technical Director (Ugly Americans), and Creator/Director (Super Science Friends, which screened at Annecy, 2017).

Directed By Brett Jubinville

Fred Kennedy
Hedy Gregor
Hayden Finkelshtain
Adam Shaheen
Hayden Finkelshtain
Brett Jubinville
Matt Servo
Brett Jubinville
Tom Park

Brett Jubinville - Writer
Morghan Fortier - Producer
Devon Thagard - Producer
Laurel Dalgleish - Storyboards
Larissa Melnik - Animation Lead
Katie Jones, Meaghan Meadows, Brett Jubinville - Designers
Laurel Dalgleish, Katie Jones, Tex Minos, Alina Tysoe, Lauren Mowat, Nicole Turner - Animators
Meiro Stamm - Music
James Robinson, Victor Espinoza-Aguilar - Sound Designers
James Robinson - Sound Mixers
Sarah Gribeauval - Sound Recordist
Brett Jubinville, Laurel Dalgleish, Caitlin Major, Morghan Fortier - Story by

Runtime: 0:24:54
Country: Canada
Language: English
Country of Filming: Canada
Student Project: No
Completion Date: 3/14/2020
Year: 2020
First-time Filmmaker: No